Root Canal Treatment in Rio Rancho, NM

Root Canal Treatment in Rio Rancho, NM

Root canal infections occur inside the tooth and affect the dental pulp. The dental pulp comprises the nerves and blood vessels responsible for the development of the tooth. These infections are caused by oral bacteria entering the root canal cavity and can lead to pain and tooth damage.

Keep reading to find out how our dental experts at Rio Rancho Family Dental Care can help treat root canal infections and save your natural tooth. 

What Are the Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection?

  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Severe pain and discomfort when biting or chewing food, brushing your teeth, etc.
  • Loosening of the tooth from its socket
  • Discharge of pus
  • Bleeding gums
  • Jawbone deterioration

What Are the Causes of Root Canal Infections?

Cavities - when cavities grow deeper and wider, they can reach the root canal cavity and infect the dental pulp.

Damaged teeth - due to external trauma, the teeth may break, chip, or crack and allow the harmful bacteria in the mouth to enter the root canal cavity. 

Gum disease - in some instances, the infection may spread from the gums to the surrounding tissues, such as the jawbone or the tooth roots. The microbes can eventually enter the root canal cavity and infect the pulp.

How Is a Root Canal Infection Treated?

When you visit our dental practice for the initial consultation, our dentists will conduct a thorough diagnosis of your oral condition and plan the most suitable treatment. 

If the infection is minor, they will be able to treat it using medication. However, if the infection is severe, you will have to undergo root canal therapy.

During a root canal, our dentists will administer local anesthesia to numb the oral tissues and make a small incision into the infected tooth. Then, they will remove the decayed dental pulp and scrub the walls of the cavity. 

Once the cavity is disinfected thoroughly, our dentists will place a small amount of medication in it to prevent reinfection and seal off the tooth using dental filling material.

If you want to learn more about root canal infections and how they can be treated properly, contact our dental experts at Rio Rancho Family Dental Care. You can reach us at (505) 891-4510, visit us at 4041 Ridge Rock Rd SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, or schedule a consultation online.



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