What Endodontists Do for Patients

What Endodontists Do for Patients

Posted by Rio Rancho Family Dental Care on Jul 14 2022, 08:44 AM

Endodontists are one of the 12 specialized dentists recognized by the American Dental Association. They work on the inner tissues of the teeth, which is the pulp in the root canal, thereby saving the tooth and avoiding its complete removal. 

An endodontist has excellent hand-eye coordination and high precision handwork. It enables them to maneuver through the fine root canal procedures. If you are looking for getting a root canal treatment done in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, then do visit Rio Rancho Family Dental Care led by Dr. Grant H. Allen, DDS. 

When Should You Visit an Endodontist?

Visit an endodontist if and when you encounter the following situations:

  • If your tooth hurts, which is an indication that the pulp (actual living tissue of the tooth) is infected.
  • A broken or sensitive tooth also may need Root Canal Treatment (RCT).
  • If your dentist performed an RCT without resolving the pain, seek the opinion of an endodontist.
  • Some unexplained pain in the teeth indicates that you could have a non-vital tooth or an abscess in the root area.

What Do Endodontists Actually Do? 

The following is a step-by-step description of an RCT:

  • Step 1

The endodontist must diagnose the reason for tooth pain and determine the extent of infection within the tooth and the surrounding tissue. There could be an abscess sometimes, which causes swelling and pain in the gums surrounding the teeth.

  • Step 2

Infection is first controlled with antibiotics and painkillers. The tooth is then isolated and drilled to gain access to the roots.

  • Step 3

The number of roots and their shapes is determined by taking an x-ray. The small roots in the molars may go unnoticed in x-rays. The curved nature of the canals may also make it difficult to thoroughly clean and remove the infection.

  • Step 4

Once the infection is cleared, the roots are irrigated properly with saline solution and allowed to heal by placing a chemical inside along with an open dressing.

  • Step 5 

Once the infection is confirmed to be completely clear – lack of symptoms clinically and on x-ray, root canal treatment is completed by packing the canals compactly with small cones of gutta-percha.

  • Step 6 

It is then fully sealed, and the tooth is prepared for a crown after a few days.

Find out more about endodontists by scheduling an appointment at the Rio Rancho Family Dental Care clinic. Call at (505) 891-4510 or drop-in at our dental office, located at 4041 Ridge Rock Rd SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. 

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