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Has your smile lost some of its bright, white gleam? If so, professional teeth whitening might be a great fit for you. This is one of many services available from Grant Allen, DDS, of Rio Rancho Family Dental Care in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Explore teeth whitening in greater detail during your next appointment. Booking a visit is fast and easy online or over the phone, so make today the day you move one step closer to the smile of your dreams.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes tooth discoloration?

The outermost layer of your teeth is a thin layer of naturally white hard tissue called enamel. Just beneath the enamel is another layer of hard tissue called dentin. Dentin is naturally yellow in color. 

As the years pass, some of your enamel wears away, revealing more of the underlying dentin. The aging process is one of the most common causes of tooth discoloration. 

Certain foods and beverages can also stain your teeth, leaving them darker in color. Some examples include:

  • Red wine
  • Berries and other dark-colored fruit
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Dark sodas 

Certain medical conditions and medications can also cause tooth discoloration. Even a traumatic injury can darken one or more teeth. 

What is teeth whitening?

After considerable research, Rio Rancho Family Dental Care chose to introduce the Opalescence® Boost™ tooth whitening system into the practice. This professional whitening system delivers safe and effective results that last. 

The process is simple and straightforward. When you arrive for your whitening session, your provider isolates your teeth from the surrounding tissues before carefully applying the thick treatment gel. The whitening agent is chemically activated, so there’s no need for hot or uncomfortable lights. 

The whitening solution contains fluoride and potassium nitrate, and it only takes about an hour to brighten your smile by several shades. At that point, the gel is carefully removed and your mouth thoroughly rinsed. 

You can enjoy the effects right away, and you’ll love sharing your newly bright smile with the world. 

What if I prefer at-home whitening?

Opalescence also offers an at-home, tray-based whitening system in which you receive a customized whitening tray that’s comfortable to wear. 

The system comes with whitening gel in five concentrations. This gives you the flexibility to whiten as much as you like, on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. 

You can wear your trays for as little as 15 minutes per day, or even overnight. Once you’re happy with the shade of your smile, simply save the rest of your gel until you need a whitening boost. 

Explore your teeth whitening options in more detail during a face-to-face visit and quick exam. Having options is a wonderful thing, and the Opalescence whitening system offers choice and flexibility. Book a visit today, online or over the phone.