What Are the Benefits of Advanced Laser Dentistry?

What Are the Benefits of Advanced Laser Dentistry?

Posted by Rio Rancho Family Dental Care on Aug 7 2022, 08:58 AM

Laser dentistry is a popular and highly effective treatment method for a wide range of oral health concerns. It uses light energy to gently remove decay, bacteria, and diseased tissue in the teeth and gums. It can seal the gums, prevent bleeding and eliminate the need for stitches in many cases.

Laser dentistry treatments provide several benefits over traditional treatments, such as:

A Faster Procedure

Aside from the fact that laser dentistry is more comfortable, it’s faster than other dental instruments as well. While traditional procedures take a much longer amount of time, laser dentistry takes much less. That means less time in the dentist’s chair for you!

Fewer Shots

Getting cavities filled used to mean a lot of drilling, but laser dentistry makes the process much more comfortable and less invasive. It can make fillings and other restorative procedures more effective, too.

The laser cauterizes as it removes decay from your teeth, reducing the need for anesthesia. And the laser sterilizes the cavity and the tooth around it, reducing the risk of further decay.

Less Discomfort

Laser dentistry minimizes pain because it removes decay without harming surrounding tissue. It also decreases bleeding because it cauterizes blood vessels.

Less Bleeding

Lasers cause less bleeding than traditional drills. The laser energy works on gum and tooth tissue rather than cutting through it. This means that there is less blood during and after a laser treatment.

Less Swelling

Lasers remove tissue very precisely, which results in less bleeding, less swelling, and less discomfort after treatment. Laser dentistry allows patients to return to their normal activities more quickly, too.

Less Recovery Time

Laser dentistry is so precise that bleeding is greatly reduced or eliminated. This means that recovery is much faster and more convenient. For a few days after treatment, your teeth and gums may feel sensitive. However, this sensitivity should fade quickly, and any discomfort can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medication.

Less Need for Anesthesia

Laser dentistry reduces the need for anesthesia. Many patients are able to have treatments without the need for anesthesia or with milder anesthesia. Patients can feel more comfortable during and after procedures, without anxiety or pain. Laser dentistry can also reduce bleeding, swelling, and recovery time.

Less Chance of Infection

Because lasers don’t touch the tooth, the risk of infection is minimal. Lasers disinfect the tooth surface, ensuring no bacteria remains. Having this effective sterilization method will significantly lower your chances of dental problems.

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